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Salaam Bharat : We are coming to salute India.

Education - Shiksha

Salaam Bharat - Shiksha

Education: Education is the backbone of any society. Education has a major role in the upbringing of an individual and hence small loop hole in education systems leads to a number of drawbacks in the society.


Rural Developement - Utthaan

Salaam Bharat - Utthaan

Rural development: Major Population of India dwells in Villages, but life in most of the villages is very miserable. Lack of Schools, poor connectivity with town and cities, and lack of knowledge of new farming techniques Read more...


Religious & Cultural Activities - Moksha

Salaam Bharat - Moksha

Religious and Cultural activities: Religion is what promotes people to follow the principles of humanity and brotherhood. For centuries, people have been coming to India Read more...


We are coming to salute India.

Salaam Bharat is a non-profit NGO fostering to bridge the gap between the haves and the have nots of the society. It embodies our belief that patriotism is neither an asset of the resourceful nor exists in exclusivity; its motto is always noble and lies above materialistic barriers. We are a believer of the cult of dreamers who dare to aspire and know how to fabricate their plans into reality. Although our country is scaling to new heights of globalization but nevertheless the conspicuous void between the unprivileged and the people enjoying the surplus hasn’t witnessed any contraction. In addition to the government’s initiatives several NGO’s and other organizations have taken up to answering to the cries of the society in the past. Much fruitful results have come out of their strenuous efforts but owing to the never ceasing demand of our country the supply is not ample to meet the ends. Consequently we felt that now it’s our turn to take the drivers seat and contribute to the cause of Social Upliftment or “Social Re-engineering” as we term it.

We are ready to walk that extra mile and despite all the predicaments that the almighty has to offer to us we take it optimistically as a test of our nerves. We seek to exemplify our concern and foresight for the society through our mission. So friends we look forward to your suggestions to make this vision into a reality.

“Charity begins at home” with this belief engraved deep in our minds we have taken the initiative to do our bit for the society. Salaam Bharat is our ambitious endeavor to materialize the objectives for an equitable society.

Remember: A revolution is an idea which has found its bayonets.



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