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Prayas is a registerd NGO under society act. Prayas is committed for the uplifment of the society. The NGO works for all round growth of youth including mental as well as personality related aspects.
Team of Prayas believes that the most important thing is required to serve others is capability to do this. No vessel could be filled with more fluid than its capacity to hold. So, if a person wants to serve others, he needs to be successful and stable first in his life.
The major problem with today’s youth is to select a proper career. Most of the people are confused and very often, their decision is not based on their interest, qualities and capabilities; but on trend or scope or income. Prayas provides career counseling for them and helps them to select an appropriate field in which they could perform their best.
Our Mission
Prayas means a trial, a step ahead towards goal .To achieve higher aim ,but never forget, from where the beginning should be, Our great moto is to creat well society through systematic Education, full of ability and healthy atmosphere .Our main work to awake hidden qualities of children to root out the disruptive tendencies. We want to run till horizon.
To make a developed and educated society by the lots of efforts and to build up them self depended and alert about making their self -decision.


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