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"I am really very disappointed to see child labor, poverty and bad condition of farmers in villages. They don't know how to survive in this conditions and commit suicide. I have decided to work to remove these difficulties.

Salaam Bharat is a big platform to show the path of progress and give metal satisfaction to all the particular person who really interested in social work for our nation."

.........................Mukesh Mishra

“From childhood I wanted to do something for my country. When I heard about terrorist spreading terrorism in India, then I got very angry and just thought "abhi mil jaaye to maar doon" I wanted to join army but it could not be possible. I always use to think that my dream is remaining, something is missing my life.

When I heard about Salaam Bharat, I thought what do I want?  Wanted to serve our country and this is the platform I ever got. So I decided through this that "Main apne desh ko salaam karoonga."”

.......................Preetam Kumar


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