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What is Salaam Bharat ?

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· Salaam Bharat is a tribute to the Nation.

· It is faith of unprivileged people that their sufferings will come to an end.

· It is a reformation of the society, where inequality, suffering and all ill customs are thrown away and laws of humanity and fraternity is adopted for sustainable development of all.

· It is a help for those who need it.

· It is trust of poor to fight against their circumstances.

· It is a protection to the society against all sorts of evil.

· It is a fire, burning inside some hearts, and going to spread in whole universe.

· It is a hope that everything will go right one day.

· It is the destiny of unprivileged people.

· It is a mother as it is going to care for the society.

· It is storm as it will blow away all the sufferings.

· It is creator of new laws based on Humanity in the society.

· It is a dream of making things better.

· It is a path to upliftment.

· It is the bright future of the world.

· It is pious, as it is selfless.

· It is vim to clear the evils of the society.

· It is reconstruction of the society in Humanitarian ground.

· It is genesis of a revolution.

· It is a revolution for getting rid of sufferings.

· It is mercy for all who are suffering.

· It is worship of mankind.

· It is honesty, due to its selfless efforts.

· It is power of determination and good deeds.

· It is gentle, as it understands the pain of people.

· It is a passion to bring a change.

· It is a wish of happiness for all.

· It is desire of the society, seeking for revolution.

· It is preservation of moral values and humanity.

· It is a home, giving shelter to those who are out of resources.

· It is sky of possibilities, which is endless.

· It is harmony between human beings.

· It is patriotism as it is going to work for development of Country.

· It is enthusiasm of volunteers who are going to bring the change.

· It is energy as it is going to perform a huge task.

· It is caliber, as it is going to do what nobody has done.

· It is potential to make things happen.

· It is socialism, as it is dedicated to the betterment of the society.

· It is a reactor, responsible for the reactions of different ideas, kept together, leading to a drastic change.

· It is great because of its moral values.

· It is earth, which will provide base to different movements.

· It is equality, which will be established among every human beings.

· It is water, giving life to humanity.

· It is need of unprivileged people.

· It is genuine, as its efforts are selfless.

· It is divinity, because of its sky-high morals and values.

· It is brotherhood, which is going to be spread among every individual.

· It is grace, as it is making world, a better place to live.

· It is prosperity which will be spread throughout the whole world.

· It is a bond of relationship between every human.

· It is love, which will prevail over hatred.

· It is morality, on which the newly formed society will be based.

· It is relationship of affection between individuals.

· It is soul of new world.

· It is correlation between different ingredients and aspects.

· It is ozone, which provides protection to the society from all evils, as ozone provides protection to the earth from hazardous ultra-violet rays.

· It is sunlight, not only providing means to see right path, but also a source of energy to the society.

· It is leader, which is going to lead the society towards prosperity and peace.

· It is efficiency of performing allotted task.

· It is rectifier which will rectify evils from the society.

· It is joy, which will be spread all over the world.

· It is soil, which will provide nutrition to moral values.

· It is farm, which will cultivate moral values in the society.

· It is an act to bring reformation.

· It is velocity of change, having strong magnitude and right direction.

· It is speed of reformation.

· It is acceleration of the movement, whose speed goes on increasing with time.

· It is displacement of evils, away from the society.

· It is impact, which will be observed as change in the society.

· It is impulse of emotions and efforts, which will give rise to change.

· It is a lap towards the betterment of mankind.

· It is a ship which will provide a safe journey to lot of people over ocean of problems and sufferings.

· It is growth of mankind.

· It is universe, as it covers all domains in which work could be done.

· It is practical way to achieve success.

· It is a devil in capacity.

· It is Neem, filled with numerous medicinal properties.

· It is Tulsi, as Tulsi provide medicinal value as well as it produces ozone which provides protection from ultra-violet rays of sun, it provide healing to the society from pain as well as protection from evil.

· It is bee-hive, collecting each human in a structure as bees are in their hive.

· It is honey, having sweetness of harmony and medicinal qualities to heal the disease of inequality, illiteracy and ignorance.

· It is a vision, to work for betterment of society and development of the Country.

· It is a mission to work for humanity.

· It is fragrance of service.

· It is height of excellence.

· It is capacity to create drastic changes.

· It is salvation, as it is going to serve humanity, which will lead one to salvation.

· It is regeneration of values in the society.

· It is whole as it covers all.

· It is determination to bring the change.

· It is a fighter, who will fight against evils.

· It is dedication of volunteers towards the society.

· It is devotion as it is going to do a divine work.

· It is a knight who will protect the society against sufferings.

· It is multiplication of good things.

· It is application of strategies which benefit the society.

· It is affection towards the society.

· It is forgiveness, because instead of punishing wrong people, it will work to change them.

· It is prayer for upliftment of society.

· It is momentum of rapid activities made.

· It is thrust, required to lift things upwards.

· It is force, which is going to do work.

Salaam Bharat is we are coming to salute India.