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About You

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What You Can Do

You can make a difference! There are many simple actions that you or your organization can serve, support and salute to the nation.
There is no limit to what you can do if you have the motivation, inspiration and the mind to innovate. Here are however some things you can begin with.
Join Salaam Bharat by registering yourself and others with you who might also be interested. Tell the Salaam Bharat membership about yourself, what you do professionally, what areas you think you can contribute in, things you feel strongly about, knowledge and experience you can share, knowledge and experience that you will need for your own initiatives, socially relevant projects that you have been and are a part of and ideas and solutions that you have for Salaam Bharat and for common problems that plague India.
Once you have got yourself familiar with Salaam Bharat and imbibed our culture and values, try to bring in more people who you feel will benefit from this community and who might be able to offer a lot by way of knowledge, their time and other resources.
Start contributing ideas, research papers, case studies, analysis, insights and ideas to the forum. Network and find a set of like-minded people at Salaam Bharat with who you think you can work. Identify a project that your group can work on, start working collaboratively on these and update the others in Salaam Bharat on your progress from time to time and seek out advice and suggestions whenever you feel you need outside support.
When someone from the community has a problem and comes seeking assistance and guidance, if you have already dealt with something similar, know someone who has or have ideas that you think will contribute to a possible solution, share these with the others so that more people might benefit from all the knowledge and experience you have gained over the years.


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