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Why Salaam Bharat ?

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The custodians or the flag bearers of the society have laid down some hippo critic double standards that are prevalent even in the modern times. Conversely there has been much wrongs inflicted upon the infirm. Apathy and brutality shown by the resourceful towards the needy has been often criticized but the much needed action was never conspicuous. This has given way to activists who have stood for the rights of the people from time to time. History has been marked with bloody insurgence though that is self-destructive and doesn’t restore anything. It brings havoc upon the innocent who prefers to be a passive witness to the tumult and has nothing to do with bows and arrows, he who toils in the sun to earn few pieces of bread. Their complacency lies in being able to fulfill their basic needs of food, clothing and shelter. Surprisingly even after 55 years of independence and conquering new depths and heights of ocean and space we haven’t converged to ensuring a meal a day for everyone. Poverty and hunger still remain to be a paradoxical issue yet to be answered, in spite of the efforts of both government and private organizations aiming to bridge this gap. What Florence Nightingale and Mother Teresa started years ago needs to be pursued with even more zeal and enthusiasm. Times have come when we need to answer to ourselves putting aside the frivolous objects dominating our lives. It’s the time to repay what we’ve unthankfully been taking from the society.

Consequently our initiative christened as “Salaam Bharat” has come to the forefront to take charge. It is a tribute to the nation expressing the faith of the unprivileged who wish to bring an end to their sufferings. It aims at reformation of the society where inequality, suffering and customs are shunned and laws of humanity and fraternity are adopted for sustainable development of all. It is not constrained to occupying a portion of digitized text but a movement of a few ordinary visionaries with lofty ideals and aspirations who are ever ready to nurture their cause with concrete steps. We’ve come a step closer in being able to achieve our objectives by prioritizing the immediate issues that need utmost attention and necessitate to be solved at hand. Therefore we’d like to let people know the spur that drives us to walk that extra mile knowing that our effort is worth.

“Charity begins at home” with this belief engraved deep in our minds we have taken the initiative to do our bit for the society. Salaam Bharat is our ambitious endeavor to materialize the objectives for an equitable society.



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