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Akshar Gyan

The only thing which makes difference in animals and humans is education. It is said in Shastras about education that Sa vidya ya vimuktaye, which means education is what sets you free. It sets us free from troubles as a knowledgeable person knows the solution of any problem. It sets us free from poverty as an educated person has ability to earn, and above all, it sets us free from miseries by leading our way to Salvation.

When we decided to work for Children Rights, this idea lead us to begin with education. For this purpose, we started to supported the education plan named “Akshar Gyan”. Akshar Gyan is to educate poor children who are not getting education. We are very thankful to the management of JSS Academy of Technical Education, Sec 62, Noida, who gave us the opportunity to give the support this education plan in their campus for this noble cause.

This free education plan is  run by students of JSS Academy of Technical Education, under the kind guidance of collage management. This free education plan is lead by Mr. Harshit Gupta, College Coordinator  who is a hardcore Socialist. He has lead several social activities like blood donation, polio awareness etc. Thus, we have taken our first step towards our mission and with the cooperation and participation of the society, we will soon accomplish it.

Akshar Gyaan is a free education plan for poor children.

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On 6th of Dec 2009 Salaam Bharat, a social organization, arranged its Vasundhara program in Sector 58, Noida under which plantation was done. This program was organized under the expert invigilation of Mr. Harshit Gupta, The collage coordinator (JSS Academy of Technical Education) of the organization. The students of Engineering and Management Departments participated in this event, as volunteers, with huge enthusiasm.

The Volunteers planted 117 plants of different kinds and took oath for their protection. Mr. Jayendra Pratap Singh and Ms. Mrinal Patel acted as the coordinator of the event.

Mr. Lokendra Pal Singh (President, Salaam Bharat) and Mr. Anubhav Akhileshwar Srivastava (General Secretary, Salaam Bharat) were also present at this event.


On 18th of July 2010 Salaam Bharat organized an event named Daan-Verdaan under which clothes and shoes collected from different residential societies were distributed in the slums of sector 62. This program was lead by the Executive General Secretary of the organization, Mr. Harshit Gupta. The volunteers of the organization participated in this event with great zeal and enthusiasm.

Huge amount of cloths and shoes were contributed by Worlds of Wonder (IRPPL). Special cooperation was provided by Mr. Ashwini Suri (RWA-MEA Apartments) and Mr. Kaul (RWA-Gaur Green City).

From the organization, National President Mr. Lokendra Pal Singh, General Secretary Mr. Anubhav Akhileshwar Srivastava, National Coordinator Mr. Narendra Kumar Verma, Uttar Pradesh Youth Coordinator Mr. Girjesh Kumar and Director – Marketing and Communication Mr. Anurag Singh as well as Founder of Prayas (Vrindavan) Mr. Abhay Vashistha was present at this event.
AROGYA : Health Awareness Camp

Salaam Bharat is committed towards removing pain from the society and its upliftment. In this series, it was decided to provide a free health check up to the unprivileged people, who can’t afford treatment. But the main part of this movement is awareness.

As Thomas Edison has said – the doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.

We believe that precaution is better than cure. In India, especially in the slums, the unhygienic living conditions and ignorance are the biggest reasons for disease. They also don’t know what steps should be taken in a particular kind of problem. This ignorance sometimes proves to be fatal even in a very simple disease.

Hence to aware people about health, hygiene, sanitation and to provide them a free medical checkup and consultancy, Salaam Bharat is going to conduct AROGYA “Health awareness Camp” on 31-October-2010 from 10:00am to 1:00pm at Bishanpura, Sector-58, Noida-201301.

Matdaata Jagrukta Abhiyan

In view of Uttar Pradesh state assembly elections – 2012, Salaam Bharat organized a state wide Voter Awareness Campaign. Under this campaign a street play was organized with title “मतदान - अधिकार भी, कर्त्तव्य भी”, which means election is not only a right, but also a duty. None of the political parties or groups were favoured or opposed in this program. The objective of the program was to motivate people to caste their votes.

The play was written and directed by Shri Shailesh Sharma. Abhishek Jha ‘Abhi’, Bablu Yadav, Prabhat Prabhakar, Ashutosh Pawan Jha, Neetu Kumari, Shweta Jain and Uma Rawat participated as artist in the play. Piyush Kumar Mishra, Pradeep Kumar, Dileep Kumar, Rajesh kumar and Jinkal Chaudhary bore the responsibility of event coordinator.

ART : Aptitude & Reasoning Test

This is a fast changing world and an age of growing competition. Those who are not able to withstand the competition are thrown out of the race of success. Art is an initiative taken by Salaam Bharat for the welfare of the students, preparing for different competitive examinations including Aptitude and reasoning, and also to improve their intelligence. The aim of the test is to make the participants ready for different competitions based on aptitude and reasoning. The first event of this series was organized in the campus of JSS Academy of Technical Education, Sector 62, Noida on 30th march 2012. Around 400 students participated in the test.

The winners of Art are:- 1. Kirti agarwal 2. Aman Verma 3. Shivam Mittal

The winners of this test were facilitated at prize distribution ceremony on 10th April 2012 in the JSSATE campus. The guests in the ceremony were Honorable Principal, Dean, HOD of civil department, HOD of Mathematics department, teaching staff of MBA department, invigilators from civil department and the National General Secretary of Salaam Bharat. The ceremony was hosted by College Coordinator of Salaam Bharat Mr. Piyush Kumar Mishra.

In the ceremony Prof. S. S. Prasad, Honorable Principal of JSSATE emphasized on the importance of this test and motivated the Aptitude and Reasoning Test to be organized in the campus next time. Mr. Anubhav Akhileshwar Srivastava, National general Secretary of Salaam Bharat made people aware about the works of Salaam Bharat done in recent past. Proff R. B. Sharma, Dean of JSSATE also motivated the student to take part in the ART. He appreciated Salaam Bharat for the organizing of this test. This test will be organized at different level and in different colleges for the welfare of students. Salaam Bharat will continue to empower the students with such programs.


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