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Salaam Bharat - Shiksha

Education: Education is the backbone of any society. Education has a major role in the upbringing of an individual and hence small loop hole in education systems leads to a number of drawbacks in the society.

Hence for improving the quality of education, we need to consider following areas:


  • Change in way of delivering education.
  • Developing a new syllabus for all round growth of the students.
  • Developing a new education system for eliminating the loop holes of present structure.
  • Education for all.

Paathshaala : A study and Empowerment Centre for Underprivileged

Since 2010 Salaam Bharat has set up project SHIKSHA ( A Salaam Bharat Area of Operation) an EEP (Empowerment of Education Programme) intervention in all over India for underprivileged families. This is an educational and scholarship program which today is supporting 1200 children and helping them continue their education in their respective schools. Our support is an intervention with the school and with regular home visits with the children, wherein there is proper utilization of the finances which is directly beneficial to the children.

Aims & Objectives of EEP

  • To give Scholarship and sponsorship program for deserving children from marginalized families for primary and secondary education.
  • To provide an opportunity to talented children and youth to pursue higher education in any stream–technical, professional, and skill oriented.

Paathshala [Study and Empowerment Centre ]

While working with kids through EEP, Project SHIKSHA observed that while a large number of kids want to study and make best possible use of EEP, they do not have basic skills to perform in school; some students drop out and discontinue. Hence, Project SHIKSHA decided to intervene and thus created study centre as a tool to bridge this gap.

Further we realized that there are several NGOs that are doing quality work for the underprivileged children and have education units all around slums in India. But the homeless population is so large and most of the children are “mobile” lot who are working to support themselves or their families. Several kids drop out of school or never attend school from such communities for reasons like:

  • A considerable proportion of dropouts cite "failure to pass examinations" as their reason for discontinuance of education.
  • Some kids are working to support their family and do not get time to attend school.
  • Lack of opportunity – good quality English medium schools to invest the students. Lack of funds
  • Lack of role models
  • Cultural Mindset

SHIKSHA was our inspiration to do something for the drop out kids. Paathshaala programme is a step ahead which aims to inspire and invest students and further improve the educational skills of children in such communities. This model will be replicated in other cities/smaller towns that need such kind of interventions. It will be an informal institution accessible to all disadvantaged children and will educate thousands all over India.

Vision and Mission

Paathshala aims to deliver holistic education to drop outs and never been to school kids. The mobile school will nurture every child’s cognitive, emotional and social competencies and mainstream these kids into formal schools after a year. Paathshala will continue to mentor and make them role models for others in the community. Along with a rigorous curriculum, Paathshala will incorporate different contemporary and alternative teaching tools like arts, sports, dance, drama, games and technology.


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