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Salaam Bharat Objectives - Areas of Operation

1) Public Awareness-[Jagrati]:

Connecting citizens, civil society groups, corporates, academicians, media and government for sustainable growth of the country as they are the people who play very role in the growth of the

2) Education-[Shikhsa]:

Education is the backbone of any society. Education has a major role in the upbringing of an individual and hence small loop hole in education systems leads to a number of drawbacks in the society. Hence
for improving the quality of education, we need to consider following areas:

  • Change in way of delivering education
  • Developing a new syllabus for all round growth of the students
  • Developing a new education system for eliminating the loop holes of present structure
  • Education for all

3) Children Rights [Baalhans]:

The under mentioned data suggests the miserable condition of children in India which needs to be improved as they are the future of the Country.

  • 50% children have no education.
  • 80% students drop out due to inaccessible schools
  • 22% children in the workforce
  • 44% children working as house helpers
  • 32% children suffered sexual abuse

4) Women Welfare-[Shakti]:

Over 190 million females in India are illiterate. They are living miserable lives. They have to bear responsibility of household work from early age or they have to work at different places to earn money.
They often become the victims of harassment and sometimes physical exploitation even. They are treated as a curse to the family as family will have to afford dowry at the time of their marriage. Due to
the same reason, female infants are often killed.

5) Environmental Responsibilities-[Vasundhara]:

We have to protect our environment if we want to protect ourselves as change in environment directly affects our lives. The major pollutions prevailing in our environment are as under.

  • Air pollution
  • Water pollution
  • Noise pollution
  • Cultural pollution

6) Rural Development-[Utthaan]: Major Population of India dwells in Villages, but life in most of the villages is very miserable. Lack of Schools, poor connectivity with town and cities, and lack of knowledge of new farming techniques and business opportunities leads to such condition of most of the villages. Rise in the living standard of 10% of so-called high class, can’t be considered as India rising. For an overall development of the country, we have to look for the other 90% also. That is why, working for rural development has its importance. Although there are many more, yet some major problems related to rural area is mentioned below:

  • 25% villages do not have safe drinking water
  • 84% families have no access to toilets
  • Displacement, Recurring, droughts and continuous migration


7) Religious and Cultural Activities-[Moksha]:

Religion is what promotes people to follow the principles of humanity and brotherhood. For centuries, people have been coming to India from different part of the world, sometimes attracted by her
prosperity and sometimes by her enriched culture. Unlike other countries India accepted all these races without any discrimination. In this way, India has become home to people from all religions and these people have same respect and love toward her. Another aspect is that of culture. The people coming from different part of the land and having different religious background have different cultural practices too. India has a peculiar tendency to accept good things from anyone rather than being rigid on her own ideas. This gave rise to precious culture formed by combination of different customs and traditions. So ignoring religious and cultural aspects will make salute to the nation incomplete.

8) Disaster and Emergency Relief-[Kartavya]:

India is a land of vast diversity. She have totally different types of climates at different areas. Likewise different areas of India face different Natural Calamities. For example:

  • Earth quake in Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram Tripura, Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh.
  • Drought in Karnataka, Gujarat and some parts of Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Orissa.
  • Flood in Bihar and some parts of Uttar Pradesh and west Bengal.
  • A number of people loose their lives and many more get injured and loose their property during such disasters. It is a pious task to provide help to these people to fight with their sufferings.





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